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Abe now known as Lincoln honored with a donation tribute.
Posted December 2009

My boyfriend, Scott adopted a golden Labrador from Mid-Florida Retriever Rescue, Inc. in July of 2009, and fell in love with him. I have to admit I did too. He came by the name of Abe, but Scott re-named him Lincoln. Lincoln is a special dog as he came to us, a little beaten up, mal-nourished, frightened and not too sure of our beach lifestyle. It took some time for him to adjust, but it was only seconds for Scott and Lincoln to bond. They became best friends immediately. Linc is such a big part of both of our lives. I miss him when I am at work and I know Scott thinks of him every minute of every day. Lincoln is to be recognized in many ways. Most of all as a true “Man’s Best Friend.”

Scott, lost his black Lab last year and no other dog can replace the personality or love of Elwood. However, Lincoln has certainly found a solid spot in Scott’s heart which will remain forever.
(I love you too, Lincoln). My donation is to honor a dog lost and a new love found! Leslie.


Addie's story posted January 2009

Coming soon!







Oliver's Birthday Update posted June 2008

Hi Betsy!
I hope that you are well. I wanted to send a note to tell you that Oliver turns 2 today! I also wanted to send you a recent picture (at the beach with sand on his face - isn't it cute).
He is doing so well. I love him so very much. He is my companion and my best friend. He adds so much joy to my life and to Joe's life. He has developed quite a vocabulary and has quite a loveable personality while exhibiting a little independence. We spend a lot of time in Fort DeSoto at the doggy beach which has taught him to interact with other dogs. He is a pro swimmer (has the muscles to show for it), and now catches the Frisbee in the air.
He makes my world a brighter and better place and am lucky to have him as he is us.

Be well,
Jenn L & Oliver (formerly known as scooter)



Boston's story posted April 2007
I know it has been a while since we have contacted you, but things have been busy. We have been busy playing with Boston and working on his training. He is doing wonderful! We went to a dog park for the first time last weekend, we have been working on socialization with a trainer, and he made a friend! It was such a proud moment for Franco and me. Here are a few recent pictures and I have included a happy story for you to include on the website if you would like.

Boston's Story:

We adopted Boston in the beginning of November 2006. We had wanted a dog for a very long time and decided that rescuing one would be the most rewarding experience. That is when we found out about Mid-Florida Retriever Rescue. Every day we would check the website to see the new doggies that had been added. When Boston was added and I first spotted his picture, I knew he was the one. We went to meet him and fell even more in love, and knew we HAD to have him. When Boston first arrived in our home he was underweight, but we quickly remedied that situation. He is at his perfect weight now, 73lbs., and is as handsome as ever. He is always getting compliments about how cute and shiny he is when we take him on his 2 walks a day. He has tons of energy, and LOVES playing with his tennis ball. He is also great with the Frisbee. Boston quickly learned a bunch of new tricks like high five, how to wait before going out of the door, and walking like a gentleman. The trainer said he was an excellent dog and even wanted to take him home he loved him so much! Thank you so much to the Mid-Florida Retriever Rescue, Diane especially for all of the great care you give the dogs while they are transitioning into their forever homes. Boston is the perfect addition to our family and is a wonderful companion.

Mara and Franco


Molly's story posted April 2007

Hi Diane:

Molly has been with us for three months now, and it seems as though she has been here for years. We are absolutely in love with her, as is everyone that meets her.

She was with us four days, when our 2 year old grand-niece came to visit with her medical kit. She proceeded to check on Molly's health, as we all watched with a wary eye since we did not know Molly that well yet. Molly was lying on the floor stretched out and Olivia took her blood pressure, gave her a shot and listened to her heart. Molly did not bat an eye and we knew then that we had a loving dog with the sweetest disposition.

Two days after that, my nephew was going out of town and asked us to care for his very large, very sweet, 13 year old black lab for a week. When Ali arrived, we were a bit concerned as Molly's hair stood up and she growled at him. He does not have a mean spirit in his body and just backed away. After a little while, they became friends and were playing together and the rest of the week went very smoothly. Ali has been back twice since then for a few days at a time and Molly welcomes him into her home now.

The same thing happened when she met my brother's dog Ginger, a lab mix. Molly has been coming to work with me every day, since the second day we had her. Ginger who also comes to work every day was out of town for 10 days, so Molly did not know she existed or that it was her office first, so we had a couple of hair raising, growling days then too. Fortunately Ginger did not react either, so things went smoothly and they now play together too.

She is the hit of the shopping center where the office is. People come out of their offices and stores in the morning just to say "good morning Molly" and get a little loving to help begin their day, which of course thrills Molly to no end. People stop in all the time just to say hi to Molly. She has her own chair right next to the front door, so she greets everyone before anyone else gets a chance. Depending on who it is that comes in, sometimes she sits up and sometimes she just stays in a laying down position. (on the chair).

One of our companies is a building company, so we have big, burly construction types coming in all the time. They conduct there business with my brother and say goodbye, then go and sit next to Molly and talk to her and pet her for awhile. Most of them forget my name, but they all know Molly and I am the one that writes their paychecks!!!!!!!!!!

At the house she makes herself very much at home. She has her own large, comfy bed but she does not hesitate to get up on a chair, the sofa or our bed for that matter. We do put our foot down when it comes to sleeping with us. Even though it is a king size bed, the one time we let her stay, she decided to stretch out. The only problem was she stretched out sideways and took over the whole bed, so she was banished and took over the small sofa next to the bed!!! I did have to buy a super, sucking vacuum cleaner, since she will sit wherever she wants and it gets used almost every day.

She's very good about the pond and although she does sniff around it, she has not gone in since the first day she was here. She goes to the groomer once a month and they adore her. She is the only dog that they let have the run of the place when she is there. Our neighbor who is her Veterinarian, stops her car in the middle of the road, just to say hi to Molly!!!

Every morning she takes a four mile walk with Dad and greets or growls at many other dogs also taking their walk at four in the morning. Too early for Mom, but Dad is an early riser and Molly will not let him get away with not taking the walk. She sits at the door to the garage where her leash is kept and causes a racket until they go. So you can tell from this letter and the attached picture, she has adjusted very well and we are so-o happy to have her in our family.

Thank you Diane and Lab Rescue for saving Molly and allowing her to come into our home and our hearts.

Judy and Fed Liebnitzky


Rico's story posted June 2005

Dear Aunt Candace and Aunt Diane,

I am writing in my best "pawsmenship" to tell you about my life these past five days.  Before I go on, please make a note of my new name.  My mom and dad thought since I am such a handsome boy, I deserved a handsome name.  Since my sister and my brothers' names all begin with the letter "M", my mom and dad didn't want me to feel left out, so they decided to give me a new name that starts with "M" too.  After much contemplation, my new name is......MAVERICK!  I really like it and come when they call me.  After all, Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise both played characters named "Maverick" and my mom thinks I am even more handsome than they are!!!!
I rode beautifully in the van all the way to Pembroke Pines.  I didn't even beg for food when they stopped and got Subway and ate in the van with me.  We did have some trouble when I first arrived at my new house.  When I saw that there were THREE KITTIES, I kinda "freaked out" and started barking at them like crazy.  Needless to say, mom was ready to cry and dad thought he might have to take me back to you.  The next day, mom talked to the behaviorists at the Humane Society and they told her what to do.  When I barked at the kitties, she clapped her hands really loud and shouted "NO, TIME OUT!" and put me in the bathroom by myself for almost TWO WHOLE MINUTES!!!  On Monday I was in "time out" four times!    Guess how many times I have been in "time out" since Monday?   ZERO!!!!     I am getting used to the kitties.  Today I was not nervous at all around them at all.  I even gave them big kisses (all three of them! )
I am learning to walk on the leash like a gentleman.  Mom bought a "Gentle Leader" collar and we are practicing every day.  After we walked the first day, I came home and "passed out" for about an hour and mom had a big  glass of wine!  IT WAS REALLY HARD WORK!!!  We walked today and I was an angel  .  I didn't roll all over the place trying to get my collar off like I did the past three days AND I EVEN  WALKED RIGHT PAST A MOTHER DUCK AND HER 12 DUCKLINGS WITHOUT A PEEP!
 I went to the vet today and charmed everyone there.  They think I am the sweetest boy.  Dr. Weiner is very nice.  He said several times how impressed he was with the care I had received before I came to live with mommy and daddy.  I have been having some loose stools and have been a bit itchy (I got a bath on Monday and was a really good boy even though I kept thinking about running away!), but Dr. Weiner seems to think it is me adjusting to my new family (after all, I have THREE KITTIES  to get used to!)  My new big sissy seems to like me OK, but I learned she doesn't like it when I RUN up to greet her when she is sleeping! 
I met the little girl Leena down the street.  I LOVED HER!  She is 10 years old and came knocking on the door looking for me.  (I think this handsome, blonde boy is a celebrity in the neighborhood!)  She is going to help mom and me "practice" the proper way to greet visitors at the door.  I have already learned that I need to "sit" and "wait" to go  in and out of the back door.  My "down" is getting better and I am  learning that "down" is very important at dinner time for mom and dad.  We have our manual from "school" and are practicing before we officially start on July 19th.
I have a brand, new bed and lots of new toys.  My favorite is my purple duckie although I did rip the tuft off his head and mom had to sew his head up or else all the stuffing would fall out.  I also have a "kong" that I love to chew when mom has to leave me for a few hours.
I just wanted to let you know that I am adjusting nicely to my new family.  We are still working on the "kitties", but mom and dad seem to think that this will all work out in time.  I want to thank you for taking such good care of me.  My mom and dad are grateful that you "saved" me so that I could come and be a part of the family.  They are quite proud of me and they love me dearly.  I will keep in touch to let you know how I am doing.
Maverick Ervine   
P.S.S.  Mom will e-mail you some pictures as soon as she can figure out how to do that.  Her camera is new and she's been very busy taking care of ME!!!
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